Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the ACC and the programs we offer.  If you don't find the answer to what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us.

Q.     How can I find out more about the program I am interested in?
A.     Brochures are available on each of the Area Career Center program areas.  Ask your guidance counselor for more information or view information regarding each program on this website.
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Q.     Is the Area Career Center just for the students that need a job and are not planning on going to college?
A.     No.  Students that have attended the career center have gone on to earn bachelor degrees, associate degrees, and/or full-time employment.  The Area Career Center’s goal is COLLEGE AND CAREER PREPARATION for ALL students.  Over 50% of the students that attend the Area Career Center are pursing post-secondary education one year after high school graduation. 
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Can students that attend the Area Career Center still earn an Academic Honors Diploma?
A.     Yes.  In many cases, students that attend the Area Career Center can complete the additional requirement of transcripted college credits that count towards the additional requirements of a Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma.
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Q.     How do I enroll?
A.     During open enrollment, visit our website for the link to complete the online form.  In some programs, there is more interest than slots available.  In that case, we consider attendance, grades, and guidance counselor recommendations.
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Q.     Are there any fees or special equipment requirements?
A.     Check to see if the program you want has additional fees or equipment requirements (varies by program).  If you think you might have difficulty getting the required equipment, let your guidance counselor know.
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Q.     What about transportation?
A.     Most schools provide transportation between your home school and the Area Career Center.  There are some exceptions.  Be sure to ask your guidance counselor about transportation from your local high school.
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Q.     Can I receive college credit in the programs at the Area Career Center?
A.     The majority of the programs offer transcripted college credits partnering with Ivy Tech and Vincennes University.  Check each program for more details.
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Q.     What if I can only attend one year?
A.     To receive the greatest benefit in college and career preparation, it is strongly recommended that students attend two years at the Area Career Center.  This will help them with college and career preparation and allow them the opportunity to earn more college credits and industry-recognized certifications.  However, all programs, except cosmetology, have flexibility to enroll students that are only able to attend one year.
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Q.     Will the Area Career Center help me find a job when I graduate?
A.     The skills you learn at the Area Career Center—including how to develop a resume and apply for a job—definitely give you an advantage over other job applicants.  However, we will also help you find available jobs.  Don’t forget that many programs provide work based learning opportunities that may lead to full-time employment with that company or other employers.
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